Our Story

Our Story

From a dream to reality …

It is common knowledge that plants are a natural source of health. However, not many people know that the extraction treatment given to these plants will influence their active principles. It is this particular aspect that grants strength to our company Nature Kare Wellness (NKW), which applies different technologies to achieve high-efficiency formulas with increased bioavailability.

​In order to obtain such efficiency from medicinal plants, our laboratories have selected the best plant species to use its most active parts (flower, root, bark, and fruit).

​NKW develops, elaborates and commercialises products based on natural extracts (bioavailable) for its application in the food, cosmetic and alternative medicine industries. We have a qualified professional team in charge of offering personalised customer service to all our customers as well as B2B.

​We abide by the motto “natural care and well-being” striving to offer high-quality products that can help improve health and general well-being. All of the compounds used in our formulas are completely natural.