We work in collaboration with laboratories which are designed for the elaboration of Nutritional Supplements and Cosmetics for the skin care.


We have trained personnel for the production in diverse presentations:

    • Oils..

    • Capsules.

    • Creams.

    • Gels.

    • Blended in dry powder.

    • Dermatological serum

Some of our processes:

Compression of tablets and caplets

  • With direct compression processes
  • Dry for active ingredients that by their natural hydroscopic, can not be in contact with water such as herbal formulas.
  • Wet through slow-drying ovens as a standard in the pharmaceutical industry.


System that allows a greater percentage of active principle in formulas base or free of lactose

Creams and gels
Mixing process with high precision homogenizer for supreme quality in homogenized texture of ingredients.

Product Conditioning
Includes packaging, labeling, lottery, warranty seal and accessories such as liner, silica bag, measuring spoon, instructions and individual packaging
Although we have a clean process, that is to say that the quality and conditions of the raw materials are not altered in the production process, the production line is backed up with a quality improvement to avoid errors and unwanted contaminations:

  • Microbiological analysis

  • Composition analysis

  • Analysis of nutritive value

  • Physicochemicals

  • Instrumental

  • General equipment